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The Transportation Experience

Bill Garrison and David Levinson and are pleased to announce the publication of their book The Transportation Experience

The Transportation Experience

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Editorial Reviews: (from Oxford University Press )


"The Transportation Experience takes a no-gloves approach with well-thought-out and provocative statements on transit, energy, the environment, induced demand, and even the choice of paving materials and aid to developing nations. Garrison and Levinson have produced a timeless book."-Reg Souleyrette, Gerald and Audrey Olson Professor of Civil Engineering, Iowa State University

"The Transportation Experience is wholly unlike any other text on transportation out there. It is wide-ranging, eclectic, well-argued, discursive, nonlinear, historical, futuristic, insightful, and sprawling; it takes us off in many directions at once; and it epitomizes what's so intrinsically enthralling and at the root of transportation: connectivity."-David A. Plane, Professor of Geography and Regional Development, University of Arizona

"Two of the most original thinkers in transportation-Garrison and Levinson-have joined forces to created a truly unique book. While most scholarship examines transportation problems from distinct disciplinary lenses, these two self-proclaimed 'transportationists' argue in twenty-eight wide-ranging chapters for a new, transportation-centered disciplinary lens through which economic, political, and technological issues can be viewed in a very different light."-Brian D. Taylor, AICP, Associate Professor and Vice-Chair of Urban Planning, Director, UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies

"Comprehensive, insightful, and well-written, this volume should be of interest to everyone interested in how we got to where we are and where we will most likely go in the future with transport. It should also be the first volume read by the planners, engineers, and social scientists who intend to devote their careers to transport research."-William R. Black, Professor and Chairman, Department of Geography, Indiana University

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