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From Today's The Guardian

From Today's The Guardian:

No Not Coal:
Coal comeback pushes up UK emissions | Climate change | Guardian Unlimited Environment

No, Not Biofuels:
Castro warns poor will starve for greener fuel | Energy | Guardian Unlimited Environment

Yes, let's get a soccer coach to spread the word ...
Sir Alex Ferguson joins Gore's climate A-team | Climate change | Guardian Unlimited Environment

The Oblivous
BMW unveils assembly plant in India | | Guardian Unlimited Business

So if Britain has an annual uptick in carbon despite long term progress (presumably because of trends not government policy), there is a round of self-flagellation. If the western countries think about substituting bio-fuels for petroleum, there is condemnation (from Fidel Castro, what else is he going to say, the US is pursuing the right policy?), and if Al Gore meets with a football (soccer) coach to propound his messianic (Cassandric) propaganda campaign, there are cheers. But if BMW builds a car factory in India, a country 20 times the size of England which is growing quickly and will eventually consume more cars, produce more pollution, and be stuck in traffic far longer, nary a peep on the environmental consequences is mentioned.

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