U.S. Employees Selling Transit Passes Illegally, Investigators Say


From today's New York Times: U.S. Employees Selling Transit Passes Illegally, Investigators Say .

The federal government, to provide incentives for its employees to take transit, has given them a subsidy of transit passes. Instead of paying their employees more dollars (a currency in fact produced by the US government) and letting them make their own transportation decisions, or charging more for alternatives (on parking generally owned by the US government), it attempted to impose an alternative currency, and is outraged, outraged I say, that people have attempted to perform currency exchange, economic arbitrage between the subsidy and money for them that is more useful.

This is what you get for trying to direct human behavior .. performing "social engineering" as the term is used in Minnesota.

The report was apparently requested by Republican Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, who is apparently upset at government employees using the market system.

Coleman should instead be pleased at how well the federal employees understand markets and are willing to cut through red tape.


Very interesting article. I thought this is going on only in my town, but I see it's nationwide epidemic in the US.
We have a black market of the bus passes here.

You can find the transit passes on the internet for cash, where you think they come from?

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