If there were a death penalty for double parkers, there would be a lot fewer double parkers ...

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From WaPo: Hefty Fees In Store for Misbehaving Va. Drivers. Speeding fines could now be in the thousands instead of hundreds of dollars. The intent is to raise money for transportation improvements. But as the old canard goes, if there were a death penalty for double parking, there will be a lot fewer double parkers. It will be interesting to see if Virginia will merely increase traffic law compliance (probably a good thing) or actually increase revenue.

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Well, we're getting pretty close to a DP for double parking. On most parts of the VA section of the Beltway, 15mph over (i.e., 70mph or 80mph, depending on 55 or 65 limit) triggers an AUTOMATIC reckless driving citation. Which then brings on these ridiculous fines.

The Washington Post story misses the bet part of this, though. Del. Dave Albo, who pushed this through the legislature? His day job is as a traffic lawyer.

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