Houston's Greatest Light Railway Hits




This is exactly why at-grade in-traffic shared-left-turn lanes through the University of Minnesota on Washington is an insane idea.

Exactly, to which there are at least 4 solutions:

1) Don't build LRT
2) Build LRT below grade at a cost of several hundred million dollars
3) Build LRT at grade and prohibit private auto traffic on Washington Avenue, limiting it to buses and service vehicles
4) Build LRT at grade on 4th/University, and cross the river on the new I-35W bridge.

There is another solution to accidents from Light Rail. There is a new solution that allows for a rail to be constructed ABOVE the road, completely eliminating car/rail accidents.
The cost? About 50-80% of the cost of light rail. The operating cost is also far less.
See http://www.alternatetransport.com for more information.

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