U changes direction on light-rail trains


From the Strib: U changes direction on light-rail trains The U will now support LRT on Washington Avenue at-grade with appropriate traffic mitigations, eliminating cars from a section of the roadway.

The official statement is here.


When people advocate for at-grade rather than below-grade stations in Minnesota, I'm always curious about whether they take the bus in the winter. Care to disclose?

I walk in the winter, 1.6 miles home to work, so I am happy disclose. You still need to get to the station above or below ground. Would it be nice to heat the stations, of course. Would all transportation be below ground if resources were not a constraint, quite possibly.

Thanks for the disclosure. Related story: I met a guy in Phoenix once who claimed he moved away from Mpls after he got frostbite waiting for the bus.

Nice blog, by the way.

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