When we see a local angle on a national news story, it is always of the "can it happen here?" variety. (e.g. Ebola, can it happen in the Twin Cities, tonight on Fox 9 at 9).

The Northwest Delta merger of course is a local story in Minneapolis (and Atlanta), but clearly it is also a story in Albany (this article is #2 on Google News at the moment on the topic):

From The Business Review (Albany):
Delta, Northwest merger completed; Albany Int'l official calls it a "positive" step

Now Albany is not a hub for either airlines, and apparently isn't yet cutting service to the capital of New York, yet the CEO of Albany International feels obliged to endorse the merger of two of his biggest customers.

From the article "Delta carries nearly 11 percent of Albany International Airport's passenger traffic and has 21 employs in Albany. Northwest handles 8 percent of Albany's passenger traffic and employees 21 people in Albany."

Now we see why Delta acquired NWA, its employees were far more efficient.

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