Demolition Means Progress


From the NY Times: An Effort to Save Flint, Mich., by Shrinking It

I worked in growth management back in the day, but now Berkeley has a program called "Shrinking Cities in a Global Perspective Program".

Overall, it seems a shame to let all that sunk capital and infrastructure go to waste, and the wasted human capital associated with high unemployment also seems like it should be a temporary disequilibrium, surely someone could make use of it.


I thought I'd read of a city in Ohio doing this a year or so ago - - trying to shrink in order to maintain density and the efficiencies of scale which density allows. Garbage pick up and police patrols aren't as efficient. Also allowing them to raze blocks so vacant buildings don't become crack dens etc. I thought it was Dayton, but I could be wrong.

Is this what demolition means ?

It was Youngstown, OH I was thinking of. Your form won't let me post a link (apparently), but if you use teh Google and search on the phrase "The incredible shrinking city" it should appear first.

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