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HSR around the world

I am quoted in a nice article by Jessica Bernstein-Wax in the San Jose Mercury News: High-speed rail around the world -

But Dr. David Levinson, a civil engineering professor at the University of Minnesota who has studied high-speed trains, questioned whether California is the ideal place for the technology, given its mountainous terrain and a population density that is low compared with parts of the Northeast and certainly most Asian cities. "It's not the worst corridor in the U.S. — I can think of a lot of corridors that are sillier," Levinson said. "In terms of demand, it's not a terrible market. But in terms of cost it's much higher, and that's because of the mountains." Levinson predicted that the project, if completed, would balloon to at least $80 billion, particularly if the trains run underground on the Peninsula. "The people in the cities throughout the Peninsula are not going to want elevated trains going through their towns, and they're going to have to build tunnels," Levinson said. "That's going to drive up the costs."

It is part of special report on High-Speed Rail.

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