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I hate Missouri Nazis

Forwarded by mom from NY Times In Missouri, a Free Speech Fight Over a Highway Adoption

"When a neo-Nazi group called the National Socialist Movement volunteered last year to clean a Missouri highway, and get official recognition for it in the form of an Adopt-a-Highway sign, state officials felt powerless to refuse. So they took a rather clever tack.


Officials are renaming the stretch of highway near Springfield that the organization cleans after Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, who fled Nazi Germany and became a prominent Jewish theologian and civil rights advocate in the United States."

props to the Missouri legislature.


Another great solution would have been to sandwich the Nazi-adopted highway between, say, one adopted by the ADL and one adopted by the Rainbow Coalition.

lol this is cool. i liked reading the post, that is crazy the nazi highway lol. thanks for the post

I missed this. This is great :)

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