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In Memory of Paul Wright (David Forkenbrock, Ed Sullivan, Ryuichi Kitamura, Reg Golledge, Charlie Lave, and Tom Maze)

I just found out that professor Paul Wright, who taught me the Introduction to Transportation Engineering course at Georgia Tech, passed away.

The transportation professoriate has a lost a number of giants in the past two years:

(updated 6/23 w. Reg Golledge, 6/24 w/Charlie Lave)


Had not heard about Tom Maze; he taught me intro to transportation at ISU. Once gave me extra points for knowing that Sammy Hagar sang that "can't drive 55" song...

I miss David pretty much every day. There are so many times when I want to call him and ask him for his advice, especially now that I am in my tenure year...he just can just never be replaced.

I hadn't realized that Tom had passed away as well.

You might also want to include Charles Lave (http://www.economics.uci.edu/?p=139) on this list, who taught at UC Irvine. Charles was so outspoken a reviewer of a piece that I submitted to Access to Mel Weber (also gone, alas) that he and I wound up writing emails to each other. When we finally met in person he said to me
"Someday, the quality of your thinking will catch up with the quality of your writing."

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