The Bus Stop of the Future?


EyeStop from MIT

(source Senseable City Lab


Bus Stop.jpg.jpeg

(source Evening Telegraph

Surely there is some middle ground.


Haha it looks like what would happen if Apple got a contract to design a bus stop.

Better, cheaper, faster: give a number to every stop and set up both an SMS and a phone service to query the current position and estimated arrival time of the next bus. It could be fully automated, with voice response in as many languages as the transit agency needs.

Of course, neither a "smart" bus stop nor a distributed system like I propose is worth much if you can't get better bus tracking. A couple months back, I heard the director of the regional ITS program for the Los Angeles County MTA rather sheepishly admit that the agency's bus tracking system only polled vehicles every 10 minutes, due to bandwidth limitations.

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