Legibility vs. efficiency

Michael Lewyn on < a href="http://www.planetizen.com/node/40339">Legibility vs. efficiency

A nice piece on something I have been arguing for a few years.

One reason why buses are less popular than trains is buses' lack of "legibility": the ability of an occasional passenger to figure out how to get somewhere by bus.

(For example, the bus stopped running to my workplace because speed bumps slowed the commute by a few minutes).

A few minutes? That's a lot of speed bumps. More importantly, why are speed bumps being used on roads served by buses?

*Of course, this problem could be alleviated by placing bus schedules at bus stops, as is frequently done in Toronto and New York City. But I realize that weaker bus systems such as Jacksonville's may lack the resources for such visionary steps.

Sarcasm appreciated.

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