Phone Smart - With Transit Map Apps, No Refolding Required -

Review of Transit Apps in NY Times Phone Smart - With Transit Map Apps, No Refolding Required

Among those interviewed:

Brendan Nee, one of AnyStop's developers, said the app was best suited to those who already knew their routes, and wanted to optimize the timing of their journeys. In that respect, longer-term visitors and commuters will find it more useful than tourists.

Brendan is one of my former students before defecting to the People's Republic of Berkeley. We wrote the working paper:

Nee, Brendan and David Levinson (2004) Value of Information for Transit Riders. back before there was real-time mobile information of any usefulness.

Brendan also orchestrated the data collection for the study that became Zhang, Lei and David Levinson (2008) Determinants of Route Choice and the Value of Traveler Information: A Field Experiment. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board 2086:81-92.

So exposure to academic research can lead to marketable products.

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