Failing U.S. transportation system will imperil prosperity, report finds

From WaPoFailing U.S. transportation system will imperil prosperity, report finds. I agree with some of the conclusions.

Infrastructure is deteriorating, roads are over-consumed, pollution is still pervasive, innovation is lacking, and the system kills > 30000 people a year in the US.

And the ocean is still wet. Pardon my cynicism, but this is at least the ninety-dozenth study stating this (with the same set of inter-changeable policy wonks, many of them my friends and colleagues), yet policy is seemingly immovable.

The problem is not in funding, the problem is in *institutions*. The wrong institutions are managing the highway (and other) transportation systems, leading to funding problems. If the institutions were properly structured, funding would fall into place.

Yes this is a bigger issue in the short run, but the same institutions will lead to the perpetual policy crisis surface transportation is in.

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