Evolving Transportation Networks

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Recently published:

Xie, Feng and David Levinson (2011) Evolving Transportation Networks, Springer.

Our book Evolving Transportation Networks has just come out

Over the last two centuries, the development of modern transportation has significantly transformed human life. The main theme of this book is to understand the complexity of transportation development and model the process of network growth including its determining factors, which may be topological, morphological, temporal, technological, economic, managerial, social or political. Using multidimensional concepts and methods, the authors develop a holistic framework to represent network growth as an open and complex process with models that demonstrate in a scientific way how numerous independent decisions made by entities such as travelers, property owners, developers, and public jurisdictions could result in a coherent network of facilities on the ground. Models are proposed from innovative perspectives including self-organization, degeneration, and sequential connection to interpret the evolutionary growth of transportation networks in explicit consideration of independent economic and regulatory initiatives. Employing these models, the authors survey a series of topics ranging from network hierarchy and topology to first mover advantage. The authors demonstrate, with a wide spectrum of empirical and theoretical evidence, that network growth follows a path that is not only logical in retrospect, but also predictable and manageable from a planning perspective. In the larger scheme of innovative transportation planning, this book provides a re-consideration of conventional planning practice and sets the stage for further development on the theory and practice of the next-generation, evolutionary planning approach in transportation, making it of interest to scholars and practitioners alike in the field of transportation.

Product Details:

Product Details

Hardcover: 294 pages

Publisher: Springer; 1st Edition. edition (April 18, 2011)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1441998039

ISBN-13: 978-1441998033

Available from Amazon and the publisher, Springer. Ask your library to order a copy.

Table of Contents

  • Part 1 / ANTECEDENTS
    • Introduction
    • Background
    • Framework
    • Skyways in Minneapolis
    • Interurbans in Indiana
    • Streetcars in the Twin Cities
    • First Mover Advantages
    • Hierarchy
    • Topology
    • Sequence
  • Part 4 / LAND USE
    • Network Diffusion and Place Formation
    • Coevolution of Network and Land Use
    • Governance Choice - A Theoretical Analysis
    • Governance Choice - A Simulation Model
    • Forecasting
  • Part 6 / CONCLUSIONS
    • Retrospect
    • Prospect

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Congrats. Always good to see quality bound volumes out there.

David Levinson

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Evolving Transportation Networks

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