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Time to renew the motor vehicle license tabs, so I go online to - Minnesota Department of Public Safety - Driver and Vehicle Services - Online Services. It turns out they want more money to pay online (+$1.75) than to pay by check. Net out the stamp at $0.44, I am up $1.31 by paying by mail. This is insane for 2011, it ought to cost them more money to open envelopes and process it than the electronic surcharge they pay US Bank, but they just aren't pricing it properly. Also, they don't do billpayer services. It is an embarrassment to the state of Minnesota


Don't forget the envelope $0.02 or thereabouts!

I know how you feel (and I sent a check too), but I wonder if the explanation is that they're trying to extract just a little bit more from people who can't be bothered writing a check and addressing an envelope, and (and!) finding a stamp.

I anecdotally observe that the credit card processing fee tends to be higher when there's inelastic demand. And this might be one of those cases. Who else are you going to pay your license tab fee too?

@Exiled - They were kind enough to provide envelope and a bill with the address, so my time costs are simply writing a check vs. entering an online form. But yes, they are perhaps trying to extract rents.

You also have to pay extra in MN to e-file your taxes than to send in a paper copy. Same insanity.

Ramsey pricing for license tabs?

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