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VitaMn article: Take the skyway: A downtown dweller spends 14 days in the skyway system - and survives. This is how I optimistically imagined the future when I was young. The city is a superstructure, and just as rail connects larger areas, skyways do so for local areas. The more internally connected everything is, (i.e. can I avoid going outside) the closer it seems. AIA has a Skyway Videos Contest 24 short videos about the Minneapolis Skyway System. Just don't call them honky tubes.

For more on Skyways, see Corbett, Michael, Feng Xie, and David Levinson (2009) Evolution of the Second-Story City: The Minneapolis Skyway System. Environment and Planning b 36(4) 711-724

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You may wish to check out the film 'Waydowntown' which follows a group of coworkers who attempt to spend a full month in the system (filmed in Calgary, set in Toronto). The comedy is based in large part on the psychological quirks of such an existence.

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