Will London’s New Wayfinding System Get More People Walking?



Will London’s New Wayfinding System Get More People Walking?: ""

Changing Londoners mental maps

The thinking behind the new system is to encourage more people to walk around London instead of driving or using already overcrowded public transport. By catching people at key decision points – such as tube stations – and providing them with the right information on walking times and local attractions, it is hoped that they will choose to walk.

According to TfL, information really is key in achieving modal shift. Research found that most Londoners mental map of London is based on the tube map which is geographically distorted and can be very misleading. For instance there are over 100 connections on the underground where its quicker to walk than take the tube! Legible London maps will often show users that their destination is closer and more walkable than they think.

(Via Kelly Clifton.)


Very cool idea! I love it!

Philadelphia has a pedestrian signage system in the downtown area, which was helpful when my brother and I visited there last year.

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