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The NY Times on a new safety sign:

A Spooky Reminder to Obey the Speed Limit - NYTimes.com: "A Spooky Reminder to Obey the Speed Limit

New York City, it should be noted, has a speed limit: 30 miles per hour unless otherwise noted. The Transportation Department is hoping a pixelated image of a skeleton won’t let you forget it.

A custom-designed speed board — those radar-equipped digital signs that tell drivers how fast they are moving — will be unveiled this summer that sends a spooky message to lead-footed New Yorkers: a gaunt LED skeleton appears whenever it detects a car exceeding the 30 m.p.h. limit on city streets.

To underscore the deadly consequences of speeding, the skeleton is a bony version of the familiar pedestrian stick-figure who appears on crosswalk lights."

I look forward to the evaluations. We need to be careful to avoid Hawthorne effects though.

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