Osama bin Laden death: Intelligence reveals US rail threat from al-Qaida


Guardian reports: Osama bin Laden death: Intelligence reveals US rail threat from al-Qaida:

"Information found at scene shows 'aspiration' to attack American trains, says Department for Homeland Security"


scary stuff. I think we will always find threats in almost everything we do. Once we all stop living normal lives, they really have won. Thanks for posting, will return more often.

I am sure that the media amplification of this death will include a large dose of propoganda on both sides of this ideology war.
One example is the news that Bin Laden had a large stash of pronography. The war on terror is really a war of ideas and I feel that the USA (which gives so much money and aid to Pakistan) is beginning to get on top of the terrorists.
I just hope the USA doesn't make too many propoganda statements in the press which are later retracted because this makes our country look so bad and only serves to boost the terrorists cause.
Just my two cents worth.

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