Washington Ave. Closure Prompts Increased Taxi Cab Fares

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KSTP's angle: Washington Ave. Closure Prompts Increased Taxi Cab Fares

I get my 8 seconds of fame on the video (available at the link above).
Washington Ave. Closure Prompts Increased Taxi Cab Fares The permanent closure of Washington Avenue near the University of Minnesota is prompting higher taxi cab fares. "Red & White Taxi" figures customers needing rides to University hospitals, hotels, or athletic events will likely pay several more dollars per cab ride. Drivers say Washington was the shortest route to campus and will now have to find longer alternatives. Analysts say ultimately if driving in the area becomes too cumbersome it may prompt more people to use light rail and rely less on vehicles.

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Using google, the only place I could find that would take even 4 minutes longer from Downtown via University was on Washington right next to the river. Every place else would be only 2 minutes longer.

I wish this change were enough to give drunk college kids incentive to stop making bad decisions, but chances are they'll just keep blowing money on cabs.

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