Patri Friedman makes waves with 'seasteading' plan

SFGate Reports Patri Friedman makes waves with 'seasteading' plan:

"Milton Friedman's grandson Patri has a vision that might have made the economist proud: to build a floating libertarian nation 12 miles off the coast of California.

Billed as "Burning Man meets Silicon Valley meets the water," the planned nation flotilla would be constructed on a variety of barges and water platforms within sight of San Francisco. It would include everything from homes, schools and hospitals to bikes for transportation and aqua farms for food.


Seasteading is necessary because in San Francisco, "the government isn't as efficient as it could be. Stuff just doesn't get done in a way that makes sense," says Bell. "Like Muni is so slow."


While I agree that SF is not the most efficient local municipality, you won't need Muni on a boat, also, I suspect boats aren't much faster after all is said and done.

"Friedman's mission is to open a political vacuum into which people can experiment with startup governments that are "consumer-oriented, constantly competing for citizens," he says.

"I envision tens of millions of people in an Apple or a Google country," where the high-tech giants would govern and residents would have no vote. "If people are allowed to opt in or out, you can have a successful dictatorship," the goateed Friedman says, wiggling his toes in pink Vibram slippers."

I trust Google with search, and Apple with phones, but I don't think I want them running the government. This sounds a lot like David Friedman, Machinery of Anarchy. Those interested in this in practice should visit Somalia.

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