City of North Oaks, Minnesota


I did not know until recently about the: City of North Oaks:

"Located in the Twin Cities, just northeast of St. Paul, Minnesota, North Oaks is a unique suburban community.  With a rich history and emphasis on retaining the natural environment, North Oaks celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006.

Approximately 4500 residents call North Oaks home.  Because residents' properties extend to halfway across the road, all residential roads in the City are private and for the use of North Oaks residents and their invited guests only.

The City owns no property.  With residents owning the roads, the North Oaks Home Owners' Association owns the park and recreation areas and trails throughout the City.

This website is run by the City of North Oaks and serves as a major communications tool for the entire community. Here you can find information about the operation of our local government, homeowner's associations, community news, promotion of local events and answers to many frequently asked questions. "

I would visit, but I would not be allowed in, unless someone scores me an invite. I wonder if their international roughness index is better or worse than similarly situated suburban subdivisions.

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(Via Bruce Benson.)


I've visited friends in North Oaks and haven't been stopped at the guard post or anything, so you shouldn't have a problem actually just driving in.

I believe North Oaks was the first municipality in the USA to request google remove StreetView imagery taken within its borders.

Like Matthew said, they don't actually stop cars from going in (unlike some gated subdivisions in the Twin Cities). However, there isn't much to see there - it is difficult to tell the difference between North Oaks and any other rich suburb in the area.

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