The Connected States of America

An interactive county to county map of who calls where on the AT&T network. Familiar conceptually to the gravity model (though they don't seem to weight it by number of opportunities).


Really great find! I happened to notice that almost every US country calls one or more California counties pretty frequently (shows up in red), but California counties mostly call each other. Does this explain why I've "lost" so many East coast friends permanently to California?

This is an awesome map! Too bad they didn't compile data from other carriers like Verizon. Would also be nice if they had an additional map broken down by calls per capita.

I'm gonna have to disagree with your conclusion from the map. When I punched in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Francisco, and Santa Clara counties, the Interactive Map shows plenty of red (high) connections being made to Oregon, Washington, Chicago, East Coast, Texas, and Florida. What you may be noticing is that a given California county tends to place many calls to other contiguous California counties in addition to other parts of the US. This is true for every other county I've punched in to the Interactive Map whether it is in MN, IL, WI, IN, TN, NJ, or NY. You may also be noticing that Californians make relatively few calls to the rural parts of the Eastern US. Although, calls to rural areas vary considerably and one can find all sorts of interesting patterns. For example, Los Angelenos make more calls to Texas and the Mississippi Valley states' rural counties than New Yorkers. Based on your comment and Richard Longworth's blog conclusions from the map, there seems to be a tendency for people to read into the map what they want to see rather than what is depicted.

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