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Kottke Chris Burden's latest project "a portrait of LA": ""

and The twilight of the free-running car A model with 1200 Hot Wheels in motion.

Time: , Aug. 03, 1936 Transport: Four Frictions: "Making traffic control the subject of his thesis at Harvard in 1924, red-headed Miller McClintock became the first man ever awarded a doctorate in traffic. Two years later, when Studebaker Corp. offered to finance a Harvard traffic bureau, Dr. McClintock was put in charge. Supported now by the Automobile Manufacturers Association, the Bureau and its chief are recognized as the No. 1 U. S. authority on traffic control, have produced a complete new theory of highway troubles. Says Dr. McClintock: "If we could apply all we know, we could eliminate 98% of all accidents, practically all congestion.""

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