At what time in the morning do drivers begin to obey traffic lights?


At what time in the morning do drivers begin to obey traffic lights?

Early morning drivers seem more likely to run reds than later during rush hour. The reasons are obvious, who wants to be bossed around by a stupid lightbulb? Especially when there is little traffic.

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A couple times a month I drive in at 3:30am instead of 6:30am. It's very psychologically challenging to obey traffic lights when there is no one else visible on the road in any direction. I don't blow through lights, but I do tend to treat them as 4 way stops.

Cue the line from the Rolling Stones' "Far Away Eyes" on running three red lights in the good Lord's honor.

In the routes I drive in Massachusetts, lights are often either timed to go flashing at night or timed for wave flow. There are other routes which are timed just opposite for maximum stops as a (misguided I think) traffic calming measure, but I usually do not need to go to those areas never mind at 3:30 AM.

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