Linklist: September 28, 2011

Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience Topological Isomorphisms of Human Brain and Financial Market Networks | [Markets are sort of like brains]

BBC News: Bolivia highway protests spread, paralysing La Paz: "Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Bolivia have brought traffic to a standstill in central La Paz.They were protesting against the construction of a highway which would pass through a nature reserve in the Amazon. The Bolivian government says the road is essential for development and would encourage trade by linking remote communities to market towns. But indigenous communities fear it could encourage illegal settlements."

BBC News Saudi woman driver's lashing 'overturned by king': "Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has overturned a court ruling sentencing a woman to 10 lashes for breaking a ban on female drivers, reports say."

Science Friday: Scifri Videos: Physics Of The Riderless Bike:

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