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Anthropomorphic vehicles are now a common theme on the Transportationist. But I am not alone. Apparently this is an entire art form in Japan. Here we review a few popular anthropomorphic planes.

Jay Jay the Jet Plane, set in Tarrytown. Unlike the original Thomas the Tank Engine, I am sure Jay Jay was created by committee. You can imagine the conversation. "Hey PBS is looking for a new kids show. Anthropomorphic Trains are popular. What do American kids like better than trains. Yes, airplanes. Let's do that." No TSA in Tarrytown.

[This of course is not as bad as the committee that developed Dinosaur Train (in which it is the dinosaurs, but not the trains, which were anthropomorphized). {To be fair, An article in the Post Gazette says "Series creator Craig Bartlett was inspired when he saw his son, now in college, playing with trains and dinosaurs together back when his son was in preschool.", I remain dubious, it smells of committee.}]

Jeremy from Thomas the Tank Engine. You could see this coming from the new airport in Calling All Engines!, in which Jeremy did not appear.

Planes, a spinoff of Cars, coming soon Direct to DVD from Disney [a sure sign of quality].

Disney has explored this territory before, with the 1943 film Pedro!, in which "A small plane has to face the perils of delivering the mail over the treacherous Chilean Andes". I do not know if they will revive (this now antique, and presumably much older and wiser airplane) for the above movie.

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