Linklist: January 10, 2012

Schneier on Security: The TSA Proves its Own Irrelevance: "That's right; not a single terrorist on the list. Mostly forgetful, and entirely innocent, people. Note that they fail to point out that the firearms and knives would have been just as easily caught by pre-9/11 screening procedures. And that the C4 -- their #1 "good catch" -- was on the return flight; they missed it the first time. So only 1 for 2 on that one. "

Building America's Future Educational Fund: Decision 2012: GOP Candidates on Infrastructure [Ron Paul comes out for abolishing the TSA].

Preston Schiller sends this along from Canadian Civil Engineer: Thinking outside the transportation box (pdf) Goto p. 10

Quantum Levitation via Rafael Pereira @

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