Linklist: January 11, 2012

Via JM: App for drivers detects and reports potholes automatically : " Developed in partnership with a local professor, the Android app uses the accelerometers and GPS technology in users’ phones to register when and where the user’s car has experienced a pothole."

Via TS: Will Handsfield @- Greater Greater Washington on How will self-driving cars change transportation? :

  • They'll be more often in use, less often parked
  • They'll reduce labor costs
  • They'll expand access to transportation
  • They'll be safer
  • They'll reduce congestion
  • They'll make current transit economics obsolete
  • They won't last as long
  • They can be electric
  • They'll change culture

David Metz @ The Limits To Travel" HS2 [the UK's second HSR line after the Chunnel connection to London] is given government go-ahead.

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