Linklist: February 20, 2012

David Brin sends me to: Future Day:

"This is a brand new holiday — the first Future Day will be March 1, 2012. Let us all work together to get Future Day off to an incredible start."
[Shouldn't this always be held March 1, Next Year ? At any rate, I hope this holiday is purple. We already have green, orange, red, yellow, and blue holidays].

Calculated Risk: Gasoline Prices: $4.50 per gallon by Memorial Day?:

"High gasoline prices is one reason American are driving less. Brad Plumer at the WaPo discusses a few other reasons: Driving, gas prices and the end of retail
Americans have cut way back on driving in recent years. Total vehicle-miles traveled has stagnated since 2007. One big question is whether this is a temporary blip due to the downturn — unemployed people, after all, don’t commute — or evidence of a long-term structural shift.

Theories for a structural shift generally involve demographics: America’s swelling ranks of retirees don’t drive as much, while kids these days prefer Facebook to motoring around with friends. But there’s another possible factor: the torrid growth of online shopping. Phil Izzo has the numbers, which are striking."

JW sends me to Technology Review: Self-Driving Tech Veers into Mid-Range Cars - Technology Review:

"Fully autonomous self-driving cars are still far from the market, but a wide range of features—including sensor systems that warn of lane departures and imminent crashes, and can even apply the brakes if you don't—are rapidly showing up in midmarket cars."

Silicon Filter: OpenXC: Ford Launches an Open-Source Platform for In-Car Connectivity and Apps :

"Here is the general philosophy behind OpenXC:

What if the user-facing hardware and software was independent from any one vehicle, and could be purchased and installed by consumers as an aftermarket add-on? What if the infotainment hardware was more modular and user-upgradable, and perhaps most importantly, transferable from one vehicle to another?"

[So long as the add-on to vehicle interface technology is static, fine. But what is the likelihood of that?]

PCMag: Nevada Approves Rules for Self-Driving Cars:

"Nevada has become the first state in the United States to approve self-driving cars, a necessary step for Google's vision to become a reality.

In a statement, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles said that its Legislative Commission today approved regulations allowing for the operation of self-driving vehicles on the state's roadways. Nevada's rules are the next step in a process began last June, when the state passed a bill   that required its DMV to draft the rules.

Autonomous test vehicles will display a red license plate, Nevada officials said. If and when the technology is approved for public use, the cars will carry a green license plate. Nevada's standard licese plates are bluish-gray, with most of the license plate representing mountains fading into a yellowish sky."

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