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357 Transportation Infographics and Data Visualizations @

Bloomberg: U.S. Postal Service to Cut 35,000 Jobs as Plants Are Shut:

"The service plans to shut 223 of its 461 mail-processing plants by February 2013, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said in a telephone interview today. The closings will cut about 35,000 jobs, said David Partenheimer, a spokesman."

Blair Barnhardt at Kansas University discusses The Three Legged Stool | Saving America's Infrastructure [YouTube], which makes use of our Brookings Report: Fix It First, Expand It Second, Reward It Third: A New Strategy for America’s Highways (starting at the 23:47 mark running to about 36:00)

. There is also a LinkedIn Group: StreetSaver Pavement Management Group. In fact it is the source of some homework assignments in his course.

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Thanks for sharing the KU Video David, sometimes I feel like I am the only on that gets it... it's not rocket science, yet there is so much resistance to common sense changes to the way we take care of our nation;s infrastructure.

Small business can hardly afford to buy fuel, but the nation wants to keep buying more oil to make more asphalt cement to make new roads, all the while our existing roads crumble....??

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