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Jessica Schoner @ Network Distance on: NiceRide and the Gender Gap in Bicycling :

"NiceRide, like the Twin Cities in general, supports a higher percentage of women bicyclsts than the national average. The gap between the subscriber demographics (43% female) and the trip statistics (30% female) suggest that there is more going on in this data and among NiceRide users than we can see just from looking at trip counts. "

It must be March Fools Day, because I see two ridiculous articles, no one would be foolish enough to waste $1.8 Billion on pointless infrastructure in one day in Minnesota (both from MinnPost): Deal to build Vikings stadium in Minneapolis announced . AND House approves St. Croix bridge legislation.

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Its funny how the coverage of this was coincidentally overshadowed by the stadium deal announcement. Especially given that the stadium announcement was itself announced earlier this week.

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