Linklist: March 16, 2012

Two related points, the first from Pedestrian Observations in Surreptitious Underfunding Not all "transit" funding is really for transit and the second from Getting Around Minneapolis in Do Bloomington, don’t mind the Pedestrian Barriers Not all "pedestrian" funding is really for pedestrians.

Two related points from San Francisco, where land is scarce: Wired: Scoot Bringing Zipcar-like Electric Scooters to San Francisco and NY Times: Program Aims to Make the Streets of San Francisco Easier to Park On [It is easier to park because it is more expensive, so fewer people do so for as long, instead they rent electric scooters, which won't require a full standard parking space. Are the parking meters equipped to handle electric scooters? ]

Finally, Aaron Renn in points out The Sorry State of American Transport

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