Can Pay Stations for Parking be used as GoTo card readers for bus pre-boarding?




Minneapolis and other cities have been putting up pay stations so that people can pay for parking via credit card. It seems to me those same technologies could be used to have pre-boarding payment for buses. If the meters could read a GoTo Card or accept payment for transit, they could be easily used along major bus routes and speed boarding. The same meters could be used where there is also on-street pay parking, but at least the same technology could be used elsewhere if not the same device, which should have synergy.

Is there any example of parking payment systems accepting transit payment (like GoTo Cards)?

I doubt it because of the institutional issues, and the general lack of coordination between parking and transit agencies, but it seems a simple opportunity for transit pre-boarding payment to piggyback on an infrastructure for collecting and transmitting money, rather than constructing their own.


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That's a good idea David. like you said, it'll never happen b/c it would take approx. 23.5 FTEs to negotiate the administrative complexities, but it reminds me of the kind of great synergy that happened w/ the new meters and bike parking:

Of course they already have pre-boarding payment for the light rail, so it should be relatively straightforward to install the same technology at busy bus-stops.

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