Linklist: July 24, 2012 (One of these futures is not like the others, one of these futures does not belong)

Autoblog Green: Better Place Israel lowers rates, gives plug-in drivers 'a simpler and better deal':

"Better Place's first customer deliveries happened in January after years of testing and delays, which Better Place blamed mostly on trouble with building permits. BP's marketing and strategy manager, Ori Lahav, told the Jerusalem Post, that 'Israeli bureaucracy really slowed us down.' Currently, there are 250 cars and 10 battery stations in operation in Israel, and many more should be online soon. We have an in-depth look at Better Place's plans here."

Autoblog Green: With WattStation Connect, GE using PayPal for electric vehicle fill-ups:

"It's not too difficult to make the case that PayPal has already played a large role in the modern resurgence of electric vehicles. After all, Elon Musk – now the CEO of Tesla Motors – made a nice chunk of coin selling the online payment service to eBay before coming to the EV company. Turns out, the circle is coming 'round again with General Electric's announcement that its EV chargers will soon accept PayPal."

KurzweilAI: Elon Musk bets half of all cars built in 2032 will be electric | KurzweilAI:

"Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk recently predicted that in 20 years, half of all new cars sold would be plug-in electric cars, says Green Car Reports."

Atlantic Cities: San Francisco to L.A. in 30 Minutes? Sure, on the Hyperloop:

"Elon Musk, he of PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX fame, thinks he has that way. And it is a notional vehicle that can carry people between Los Angeles and San Francisco ... in 30 minutes flat.

He calls it 'the Hyperloop.'

'We have planes, trains, automobiles and boats,' Musk told Sarah Lacey at a PandoDaily event in Los Angeles. So: 'What if there was a fifth mode?'"

Techcrunch" Eric Schmidt: Google Self-Driving Cars Should Become The Predominant Mode Of Transport In Our Lifetime:

"‘It’s a terrible tragedy,’ Schmidt said, ‘The sooner we can get cars to drive for us the more lives we can save … self-driving cars should become the predominant mode of transportation in our lifetime.’"

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