Shooter of 5-year-old Minneapolis boy sentenced to 28 years in prison

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A Minneapolis teenager was sentenced to 28 years in prison on Tuesday for the murder of a 5-year-old Nizzel George, who had been shot in the crossfire of a gang-related shooting, The Pioneer Press reported.

Stephon Shannon, 17, received his sentence just one day after President Obama spoke about the shooting in a Minneapolis police facility as part of an effort for new gun control legislation, The Start Tribune reported.

Shannon pleaded guilty to second-degree intentional murder for the benefit of a gang earlier, The Pioneer Press reported.

George was shot inside his grandmother's house last June when a bullet tore through the couch and hit him in the back, The Pioneer Press reported.

George was the second child to be killed in such an event in the past six months. The other killing was of Terrell Mayes Jr., 3, who was also shot inside his house by a stray bullet, The Star Tribune reported.

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