Emerging Leadership Definition #3

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Last weeks final definition
As the course has continued on, and I have completed the readings, I realized that my definition of Leadership is changing. One of the most recent articles read left a lasting impact on me. A definition given by investor Warren Buffett states, "A leader is someone who can get things done through other people." (Rath, Conchie, 2009, p. 79) This reading taught me that people are not born leaders, but have to earn their followers by creating a sense of trust, compassion, stability and hope. Leadership can also take on many different styles. There is not one specific way to lead, but depending on the situation, some forms can be more beneficial than others.

This weeks definition
My experiences this week have taught me that there is no such thing as a natural born leader. After reading Terry (2001) this concept was clearly demonstrated to me by hearing both sides of the argument of a naturally born leader. I believe that Leadership is something that is learned over time through people and experience. I also learned form Lee and King (2001) I know believe that leadership is largely due to understanding the root of your actions along with your core values.

Analysis of the differences of the definitions
After reading this weeks articles I have a better understanding for where Leadership comes form. My opinions have not necessarily changed, but strengthened. I have learned why I believe what I believe. The course readings expose me to many different opinions and allow me to form my own. Terry (2001) helped me confirm my opinion that leadership is made with this statement, "I have no doubt that leadership can be taught. We learn from experience. That's what maturity is about."


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Terry, R. (2001). "Deciding what you believe." Seven zones for leadership: Acting authentically in stability and chaos (pp. 20 - 40). Mountain View, CA: Davies-Black Publishing, Inc.

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