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Facing the Facts of Bigotry and Society's Need for a Queer Solution

Archana Mehta’s essay brings up a lot of good points that I agree with. I completely agree that TV’s attempts at making the homosexual lifestyle is “othering? the homosexual orientation, keeping a distinct line between homosexuals and heterosexuals, thereby labeling each with their own stereotypes. The idea of queer theorists succeeding in depleting this gap, however, seems rather unrealistic. I believe that it is part of everyone’s human nature to categorize people, even in a room full of people who have the same interests; we will still look for differences and labels. In order to get everyone to actively participate in eliminating the traditional gender roles is impossible. I feel like such a pessimist for thinking it is hopeless, but homophobia is ingrained into too many parts of culture: religion, entertainment, lifestyles, and education. People who I know who are both homophobic and who are not all feel strongly in their position on homosexuality, to the point where I do not believe their values can change, and these values will most likely be passed down to the next generation. I personally have two godmothers, and so I was raised thinking it was normal for people to have any orientation they wanted. I was not aware of this being “strange? until I was in the 1st grade. I quickly learned that this was “Scary? and “abnormal? or even “gross.? My first position on the idea of homosexuality was that it was normal and acceptable, and many people have tried to change my view, but it has become so embedded in my mind that I don’t think anything could sway my opinion on homosexuality. It is apparent to me, that sexual orientation is a very touchy subject that people learn as children, and it is too difficult to alter these views later on.
In Kate Nelson’s essay on bigotry and racism, I agreed with her perspective. Erasing or denying racism will get our culture nowhere, however, I feel as though some people will not get past Kate’s 3rd paragraph that says “this is normal.? It frightens me to think that people will possibly use this as an excuse to stay or ignore being racist.


i really appreciate your opinions. I think they are very respectable because, as you stated above, you had two godmothers. I think that gives you credit because many people could just say "yada yada yada, i dont think its abnormal to be gay", but you actually know what its like to grow up and be a part of a homosexual relationship. You have also dealt with learning other people think its "scary", and i think your article puts things into perspective. A homosexual realationship is a part of your background, therefore, you see nothing "wrong" or "weird" about it. If everyone was raised with that type of influence in their lives wouldnt if become accepted and no longer "abnormal" according to society's standards? Wouldnt the question of "is gay right or wrong" ultimatly be erased?

I really like the point you brought up in the start of your post regarding differences and labels. The idea is very valid that even if similar individuals are clumped together, we will still try to find differences and labels among them. This concept of automatically trying to differentiate among a group is something that I believe is an innate characteristic of humans. No matter how many parallels one would draw between two individual things, differences will still be pointed out.