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While reading about inferential racism, it made me think about how my culture studies teacher told the class, “Everything is suspect.� In other words, just because people say something is a fact, and even if it’s supposedly been proven, there should still be doubt. Otherwise people will just continue to live their lives not questioning or achieving anything. An example would be how it was acceptable for Blacks to be taken to America to become slaves, not many questioned it at first, it was a part of life. Only afterwards are we able to see how completely wrong America was.

In terms of boundaries, I can only think of a couple examples where they could be considered being crossed. White rappers, for example used to be awkwardly accepted. It took a while for them to come into the industry. They aren’t quite seen as the same kind of rappers as blacks are, even now, and drifted off into a different genre of rap. Another thing I thought of during discussion is how my friend told me that people can create an all (choose your race besides white) school, but not an all white school. After thinking about this, I realized that it was completely different. When another race creates their own group, then they are seen as promoting diversity, or celebrating who they are, but when whites create a group, it seems as though they are racist. I suppose this is possibly a type of overt racism towards white people, but maybe not. In the end I don’t think that schools should be separated by race, anyways.