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Advertising and People of Color

I feel both ways on the advertising issue. I do not believe that people are trying to hurt other people to profit off them, however, the are trying to profit off them. Many of the things that they do are subliminal and they are not recognized as racism, and I don’t think they should be. I feel that many stereotypes may be unnecessarily reinforced by commercials and advertisements, however, it’s not like they weren’t already there. I feel that many people overreact to commercials racial statements. Also, I feel that the commercials made when the article was made are more likely to be racist than they are today. I cannot think of a commercial that struck me as clearly racist, however I often see my friends pointing silly things out that I feel are negligible. One of my friends was looking at a catalogue with me, and he saw a little Asian girl holding a panda bear, while the little Caucasian girl was holding a cat or something. He got all angry about it, but I don’t find that particularly offensive. I think that when it is in a context like that, it shouldn’t be looked at too closely. I often see many advertisements trying to avoid things like making statements about one race by putting every race they can find in a bunch of the advertisements together. It’s often very obvious to the point where it’s kind of funny. It might just show how out of the ordinary it is, for that to be obvious, though.

Honestly, though, I don’t think that if there were no advertisements, that there would be no stereotypes and racism. Furthermore, I don’t think that advertising does that much bad compared to good. I feel that advertising gets a lot of bad rep because of the idea of “subliminal advertising,? but if people just take the time to actually think about things, then they’ll be less likely to be controlled. It’s not like advertising is trying to destroy peoples lives, it is just trying to sell us a product.