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Construction of the Female Self

On one hand, I believe that it is very important to look at what Disney, a leading children's entertainment business, is putting into their movies that may negatively persuade children into unhealthy or self-limiting ideals. I often feel, however, that feminists are highly over reactive of many things they "read" into. Although many of the Disney movies do use white females as the stars of the movies, I think that this was the original target audience when many of the older movies were made. Even beyond that, I feel that the Disney movies will not have nearly as much of an effect on girls as when they hit puberty and go through peer pressure, idols, teenage movies, and advertisements.

Another thing is that Cinderella has many versions in almost every culture. My dad owns a collection of books of all the different Cinderella versions from different cultures, which adds to over 50. All of those cultures star their own race, and I believe that Disney’s Cinderella chose white because it was once again, the target audience of America. Although it could have been viewed as politically incorrect, I don’t understand what else they could have done.

I’m glad that the article concluded that Disney has been improving, and I do agree that the newer Disney movies can be seen as more acceptable today’s culture. I feel that looking at old movies, though, is not always reliable because culture is ever-changing with time, and the older movies were made at a less culturally diverse time in American history than today.

In the end, I don’t personally feel affected by these movies. I personally saw the characters being portrayed as neutral when they were white, but maybe that’s me. I don’t know how to explain it; it’s probably not politically correct. I just feel that I looked more into the morals of the story, since as children that’s what we are asked at that time in our lives.