February 24, 2006

Mission Statement

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Tiffany Le, a member of Usuits. Usuits, is composed of 30 students that are selected from Carlson School of Management where we engaged in proposing a possible business and implement the business at an aggressive schedule. The business that Usuits is in the area of providing silicon case covers of Ipod portable music players. Unlike other Ipod covers, our products carried university logo from various universities around the country. For instance, any of our Ipod cases that are currently being sold at the University of Minnesota endorsed the U of MN logo that also comes with a protective LCD cover and a lanyard.
As a student of University myself, I have a strong association with the University of Minnesota for its academic and sport accomplishments as well as its values and beliefs. Hence, I am encouraging everybody to look at our product carefully with a consideration that Usuits’ main goal is to enable such association to our daily products. Finally, all Usuits’ products are available in the U of MN bookstores and the students’ bookstore. Because Usuits is a non-profit organization, all the revenues will be donate to charities and a portion of it will be dedicated to as a scholarship to candidates that engaged in Usuits.
Please take a moment of your time to visit our website .


Tiffany Le
Usuits Sales Representative