July 17, 2006

Saudilogue 24

I think I started this before and can’t find it. It is July 15th. I leave for the states on the 27th = wow, 12 days from now.

The conflict north of here is very sad and very out of control. I am not afraid for me, but I now have friends all over the area. Huda went home to Beruit. My dentist is in either Gaza or the West Bank. A colleague planned a wedding in Beirut for July 26th. So much for that. My office mate is from Lebanon but I think she’s in Canada right now. Another colleague is from Lebanon but is in Brazil right now.

On the local front – 4 more days of classes, turn in grades, process the clearance forms so I can get paid, then head home.

The construction north of the compound, it turns out, is not just for any princess, but rather the widow of King Fahd. Or so I’m told. We’ve been thinking that when she moves in, we should do the neighborly thing and take over warm rolls.

I have one more trip to Balad, the major souk in the old city before I come home. Goodies. Sandy’s sleigh.

I look forward to seeing lots of friends and family. My garden probably needs major attention. I really look forward to meetings as I am getting very fuzzy around the edges.

I have taken more photos of Jeddah and the statuary. I am giving a talk at the VDIL on August 1st inshallah on teaching graphic design in Saudi Arabia. Amazing Saudi sweets will be served. Yum.

So, hang in there. I will do the same. See everyone soon.


at July 17, 2006 9:09 AM