July 7, 2008

saudilogue 38

June 20

Gee – I didn’t realize nearly two months have transpired since my last communiqué.
Spring semester is nearly done. Classes have finished, grades are in and I still have
course files to make up for every class. Summer semester starts tomorrow.

I have started packing for a return to the US on July 20. A month from today Wow, time

Saw a cute sign across the street from the Hospital I use: a restaurant selling sandwiches
including: Humbergers. Yup. Humbergers. The musical sandwich. Funny.

There is a critical water shortage in Jeddah, so we are all doing our part to reduce water
consumption. Practice for when the same ordeal hits the US.

Seems like the world is physically falling apart. Course, we have a lot to play in some of
it. On the upside, I think the Gaza/Israeli truce is holding. That’s a good thing.

I was very distraught with all the wars and human catastrophes in the world recently.
Then this truce came from nowhere. Well, folks. It really is up to them. If they decide to
stop fighting, they will. Just as I have the choice to be vindictive or angry myself. My
choice. So, I hope they continue to choose peace. It will work.

We had our spring student exhibition during the first week of finals. It looked very good,
but was exhausting.

I am attaching a few photos. A couple are of the Red Sea Mall foundtain show. I did take
a long shot across the fountain to the main food court so you get get an idea of the size of
the place…. Since the food court is only a small part of the center court of the mall which
has 4 wings.

Also, I have taken photos of the color coded garbage containers, attending trucks, etc.
Am still trying to snap-poof a shot the workmen, portable bins and brooms. A package
deal, you know.

Tim Russert’s death is saddening. I am grateful that so many other people noticed how
special he was. How can we hold a national election without him. And what about his
son. I was really impressed with his presence.

So – that’s it for now.

at July 7, 2008 4:26 PM