September 28, 2006

Saudilogue 25

September 11, 2006

Well, I’ve made it as far as Frankfurt on my way to Jeddah. We were stacked over O’Hare for 20 minutes on stage one. Stage two (Chgo-Frankfurt) we left l hour late because two people didn’t show up, but their luggage had been loaded, so they had to unload it. I had my first experience with a 747-400. The flight was very smooth, but the plane was very hot – either that or I had continuous hot flashes all across the Atlantic. We arrived a tad late, but I can attest to dinner being quite a nice meal. Breakfast was a sandwich with a twix bar.

The problems began when I decided to get a diet pepsi or coke. I accidentally left the area where I arrived and where my Jeddah departure gate are. I couldn’t get back without a security check. And the security ports didn’t open until 8:00 am. I would have to wait in a line for a half hour before it opened. So, I wandered off looking for a coke. Found it, but then couldn’t find a place to sit down. So, I went to another gate just to sit and drink the pop. Being very spacy because I did not get any sleep the night before I left and haven’t slept yet due to a) a crying child on the plane again and b) I still haven’t mastered sleeping on a plane.

Sooo, I realize I had lost my jacket. Went back to the gate where I drank the coke, found my jacket there. Okay. Then tried to go through security check so I could go back to my gate. Well, they won’t let me go through until 11:00 am. It is 8:20 am. Finally found a non-gate on the shaded side of the terminal so I can sit, write this and try to keep myself together. I am so tired. I am trying to stay up until 9:00 tonight because I have to go to work tomorrow and advise students on which classes to take…. A dangerous thing, if you ask me.

I sure enjoyed being back In Cloquet with family and my family of friends. I gained weight, ate at least six meals at the Mexican Restaurant … I love you all.

So, as the clock SLOWLY ticks, I have just one leg left on the journey back to D-2. Supposedly one of the college drivers will be there to pick me up.

Sept 23, 2006

Well, no one was there from the college to pick me up. This was discouraging as I was tired and resembled toast by the time I got here. I didn’t have enough cash to get me home with a taxi and was hesitant to do so because the compound is small. My mobile phone wouldn’t work so, at last, a young man who worked at the airport took me home. He thought he knew where I lived, but it became quite obvious he didn’t. I told him if he could find Prince Sultan street, I could find my way home from there. So, after flying all day all night maryann, we drove around Jeddah for another hour and 45 minutes until at last I was home. Wow.

Went to work the next day thinking I could at least pull classes together. I always late at that somehow, only to find that I had to move to a new office immediately. Thankfully, I have my trust powerbook. It functioned nicely in the new office until the mac my old roomie and I shared, came into my new office. Phone worked after a couple days.

I ended up helping with registration, which was a learning experience. On the first day of classes, the only fulltime faculty members on campus were the new lady from Poland via Canada, and me. Newbie to senior staff in one year.

The program is enormously popular. We all were overwhelmed by the number of new freshmen. We need more faculty pretty darn soon.

So, I am back. Have joined a Monday night square dancing group and already played quite a bit of scrabble. Maggie has me signed up for bridge, too. Nice to have things to do besides school.

I do admit that all the plans I had for this weekend were put on hold by the Ryder Cup.

So, keep the faith.

S of a

And happy Ramadan!

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