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Welcome Stephanie Horowitz -- Summer Intern

Stephanie Horowitz began an eight-week internship with the University of Minnesota Libraries on Friday, June 8. She is a library school student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the recipient of an ARL Academy Fellow grant, which will fund her internship and provide course credit for her work.

Stephanie will work with Karen Williams and Janice Jaguszewski on a project that builds on the work AP did last year with the position description framework and will help us establish a body of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) necessary for librarians and staff at the University of Minnesota Libraries. These KSAs will describe present practice and anticipate future needs. We will, of course, need the input of all AP staff during this process. This project is similar in concept to the IT skills assessment everyone completed a year or so ago, but we do not intend to be quite so granular in identifying this set of KSAs. Operating at a little higher level, we'll be able to identify those areas where we are rich already, and those where we need to provide staff development opportunities or recruit and hire new skills. We are working with Denise Gamble on this project.

Stephanie's email address is and she will be sharing an office with Leslie Delserone on the third floor of Walter Library (room 335). For those departments that don't live in Walter, we'll arrange for Stephanie to pay a quick visit to department meetings.