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E-Learning Project Update

The new University Writing Program's First-Year Composition Program has explicitly stated outcomes related to information literacy. Because of more stringent requirements, the program also anticipates a 20% increase in student enrollment over the current composition programs at the University. Given these changes the demand for Unravel workshops will outstrip our ability to provide effective support. The result of this is the Libraries' E-Learning Project. If you are interested in learning more, please see the brief report about this project.

The E-Learning Project group is now in the process of designing quality interactive learning tutorials. The first modules to be designed are:

* Library Organization and Services Overview
* Popular vs. Scholarly
* Effective Keyword Searching
* Using Source Material (aka Avoiding Plagiarism)

If you have any questions or are interesting in helping, please contact Lynne Beck (l-beck) or Jerilyn Veldof (jveldof)