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Advocacy Group Makes Harsh Accusations

The Human Rights Watch accused the United States and Europe of “undermining human rights� throughout the world by supporting rigged elections, reported the New York Times.

The advocacy group said the United States and Europe have allowed countries like Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Jordan, Bahrain, Thailand and China to feign a move towards democracy for simply holding elections, even when the outcomes are fixed, said the Boston Globe.

The accusations extend to Kenya, a country that is now engulfed in violence between ethnic tribes after the December election results were disputed. According to National Public Radio, thousands of people have been displaced and 850 have been killed. Recently, the Secretary of State for African Affairs, Jendayi Frazer, categorized the crisis as ethnic cleansing.

The Human Rights Watch said the Kenyan government may have been led to believe they could get away with a rigged election since the Bush administration accepted the results of the controversial Nigerian election last year, reported the New York Times.

According to the Economist, some declared Nigeria’s 2007 election as “the most fraudulent they had even seen.� Accusations include the use of false ballots, the lack of a full voter registry and illegally preventing one candidate from campaigning.